Smatt’s is one of the finest Rums ever produced, dating back to the earliest days of Rum production in the Caribbean. Considered by many as the world’s best tasting Rum due to its intense smoothness and unique flavours, Smatt’s epitomises the unrivalled quality that has made Jamaica the home of Rum. The birthplace of Smatt’s is a historic distillery, located at the heart of one of the Island’s most beautiful estates surrounded by soaring mountains, pure mineral springs and sugar cane fields; elements that all contribute to the Smatt’s phenomenon.


History & Heritage

Smatt's is intimately entrenched in Jamaica’s magnificent Rum making history where the distillery itself has been producing the finest Rum's for hundreds of years. Over time this distillery has naturally developed exceptionally rare production methods that combine to create the unrivalled smoothness, purity and flavour that is Smatt’s Rum.

The unmistakable Smatt’s name can be traced back to a merchant trader, who arrived in Jamaica having fled the Mediterranean to seek his fortune in the colonies of the new world. Before long he found his calling as a Pirate known to many as Black Jack Smatt. Legend has it that he became one of the most infamous to sail the Caribbean Seas, feared by the establishment, he ruthlessly plundered the Spanish main in search of its most valuable treasures. As his fortunes improved, he developed a notorious reputation as a rogue and a lover of Rum on the Island, where to this day, the family tradition lives on in Smatt’s Rum.



Tasting is believing.

This is undoubtedly one of the finest Rums ever created. The perfect blend of pot and column still marques make this silky smooth Rum ideal for cocktails or sipping straight.



Bananas, Caramel, Coconuts and Vanilla come streaming out at just one brief sniff. The perfect blend for a perfect Rum Cocktail. Smatt’s silver mixes surprisingly better than vodka with its iconic super-smooth and pure finish.