The Making Of

Smatt's Rum contains only the finest natural ingredients of rich cane and pure natural mineral water. Using historic processing methods, these elements unite to create one of the finest Rums ever produced, distinguished by its unrivalled smoothness, purity and flavour.


Smatt's primary ingredient of water originates from natural mineral springs near Mcleash town in the foothills of Jamaica's Blue Mountains where for many years it has filtered through volcanic & limestone rocks to create a pure base element.


The naturally rich soil of Jamaica's lush cane fields has reaped the world's finest molasses for over 300 years, much of which is sourced locally from the family estates near Port Maria.


A key element in producing the unique Smatt's flavour is the exact time and heat conditions under which fermentation takes place, within the one hundred year old reservoirs further enhancing the beautiful balanced taste.


Several different Rums are distilled using both the traditional pot method and the more modern column still to create our exceptional marques.


Locked within the char-lined luxury of North American, white oak bourbon barrels, the freshly distilled pure Rum ages under the perfect tropical climate on the South eastern side of the Island.


After ageing has matured the Rum to perfection, Smatt's is blended under the supervision of one of the most experienced Caribbean master blenders. The pure flavoured column still Rum marries perfectly with the classic flavour of the Jamaican pot still Rum to create the smooth rich taste of Smatt's - Rum like no other.